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i havent updated in the loooongest time. and not much has really happened since the last time. expect for the fact that i get randomly suuuuper hyper.there is just a rush of energy, i cant sit still at all. today in spanish i was on speed.or so it would seem at least. and mollie said its scarey sometimes, that something coming from her.makes me not really.

i am content. i am content without having to like a boy. not that is anything new. boys tend to end up making me 20493549 times more unhappy than happy. whenever i get a crush on someone it always ends up hellish and terrible.or to me it seems liek that.i cant just let anything happen.or just ignore anything.or be a normal person about stuff. i have to completely overanalyze, over react, and over dramatise any situation.i hate that about me.i really do. i also hate that i miss having someone to like, but i know as soon as i start to like a guy, or anyoen starts to like me ill get all weird and just be liek alkdjflkasdjf no. and thats why im going to be alone fo-eva.

my friends are so great though.just wanted to say that.they can always make me laugh, and happy.i dont know what i would do without them. ive been hanging out with some people that i never really do.or like i did last weekend. it was alright and all i guess.but im still most comfortable with my oldest, closest friends.haha i sound fucking gay. i like meeting new people and getting new friends, tis fun. i have no clue why im even updating or doing this. i doubt anybody reads these things, or at least mine anymore. i felt like typing though.

i need a good book to read. i need some new music. i want to snuggle in my bed and just sleep for awhile, if only there was a pause button to life for a little love that. i dont feel like im ever really doing anything, but like im never resting either.i dunno.
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