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la vita lo odia

life likes to tease me.

[Jenna]i actually had a chance and took it.and they STOOD US UP! oh i mean..."forgot" about us. i think they foudn someone better that they could um...TALK TO.and so they left us.stranded..for hours.well yeally that was us jjust being stupid and desperate.

we even tried to learn some italian...thats what we get for trying.

now that i think about it all of today was pretty much a failure.a complete tease.we thought we'd get to see the sistine chapel but relaly we lost each other and then had to turn around 1/4 of the way and run to meet my parents.then thought we would get food,but didnt(til later).and then expected to see the beautiful boys and yet we did not.

life is so tragic.heh.

i miss home.=/
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