strange_faerie7 (strange_faerie7) wrote,

every minute that passes is another that you could turn it all around

or something like that i think.

wouldnt it be great if we could turn it all around? take back anything we messed up and just reverse it. i guess that would take away the whole point of living, having a flawless, conflict free life.there would be nothing to learn from and nothing to gain.itd be so much easier though.

TAKS was Not really. But it was cool talking to Sarah and Angela and others.

While you losers are sitting in first period, I'll be getting my liscense. JAY KAY guys. Jk about jay kaying, i really will be getting it.I'm excited and slighty nervous.What will the 16th year bring? Probably nothing new, hopefully that wont be true.

Im going to be going to Car Maxx to look at a Gran Prix(ie, melissa, HAH) for madre or parde.I dont know whay my car situation will be.

Nothing really else to say. I wish some poeple would stop being so hurtful.It makes me sad even if its not happening to me.
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